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Cearan - Rapper & Producer - Season - #194 - {What is Your Purpose}

November 28, 2023 With Savia Rocks Season 4 Episode 194
Us People Podcast
Cearan - Rapper & Producer - Season - #194 - {What is Your Purpose}
Show Notes

In this exciting episode of the "Us People Podcast”, join me as I engage in a lively conversation with the charismatic and talented rapper and producer, Cearan, hailing from the UK.

We dive into a range of compelling topics, including:

- Discovering your authentic purpose and voice
- Ignoring naysayers and pursuing your dreams
- Sharing a poignant narrative on understanding the power of forgiveness and its emotional impact
- Navigating the music industry and leaving a lasting impression
- Collaborating with Krayzie Bone from Bone Thugs-n-Harmony
- Playfully inventing our own unique vocabulary
- Using music to guide others through life's challenges
- And much, much more

Prepare for an episode that celebrates individuality and the emotional fulfilment of fulfilling one's purpose.

Let's dive right in...

Finding your purpose must come from, learning and understanding, the gift of change within ourselves, only then can we understand who we truly are " - Savia Rocks

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