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Diana Mary Rose – Psychic Author - Season 4 - #191 - {Listen To Your Inner Voice}

November 07, 2023 With Savia Rocks Season 4 Episode 191
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Diana Mary Rose – Psychic Author - Season 4 - #191 - {Listen To Your Inner Voice}
Show Notes

In this captivating episode, we feature Diana Mary Rose, a psychic medium who is not only a Reiki and Sekhem Master of the Healing Arts, but also a classically trained homeopath. Known for her clairaudient and telepathic abilities, Diana employs these skills in her writing, creating a unique connection with her audience. Her lively style mirrors the ethereal world, transcending earthly constraints and concerns.

Key Points:

- Diana's Journey: Understanding how she realized and embraced her unique gifts.
- Healing Proficiency: Her mastery of the Healing Arts, including Reiki and Sekhem.
- Demystifying Clairvoyance: Uncover the meaning of being a clairvoyant and the process of connecting with the deceased.
- Power of Natural Medicine: Exploring the hope and healing found in natural medicine.
- Writing Style: How Diana's vibrant writing style reflects the 'world upstairs'.
- Personal Background: Delving into Diana's life story, from her humble beginnings to her current status.

For those interested in spiritual exploration or understanding the remarkable forces that exist around us, this episode promises to be an enlightening experience. Stay tuned for an exploration of the unseen world and the beautiful powers that reside within it.

"To Listen To Our Inner Voice, Is To Hear Our Strength Within" - Savia Rocks

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